Saturday, June 16, 2012

Transformer Birthday Party!

We had a transformer birthday party for Alex today and the kids had a great time. When they first got here they were given a transformer mask that I made out of craft foam. I printed a black and white picture of a transformer and traced all the pieces on the foam. Then I added some elastic cord to make the mask.

Maddy the transformer.

Alex really wanted to play "Transformer, Transformer, Decepticon" (just like Duck, Duck, Goose) It was quite humorous to watch some of the kids who have never played before.

We had to defeat the Decepticons a.k.a. pop the balloons!

Gracie the transformer.

Alex the transformer.

Two of the transformers got into a little "scuffle"

Benjamin the transformer.

We went on a picture treasure hunt for the Allspark. I took pictures of each location and then cut them into puzzles. Each time they found the clue they had to come back to "home base" and put the puzzle together to find out what the next location was.

On the lookout for the Allspark.

Samuel the transformer!

All the transformers with the Allspark!

Cougar the transformer!

This is the awesome cake I made! It looks exactly (*wink, wink*) like Optimus Prime. Right?

Here he is getting ready to make a wish and blow out the candles. It was a little windy so we had to light the candles in the house and have him stand in the doorway to blow them out!

Here is a shot of most of the kids that came to the party. We had 18 kids and 11 adults.

He got lots of presents! Lots of transformer toys and some Legos. A really cool football toy and a remote control car. He is definitely a very happy boy tonight!

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zerry ht said...

Kids are having a great time celebrating transformer birthday party. My son's birthday party was also a great success. Decorations and fun watch party was frolic. Tableware and hockey favors were liked by all kids. Even the staff services at LA venues were mind blowing. Thinking for my daughter's birthday celebration at same place.