Monday, June 25, 2012

ABC's of Summer-letter D!

Gracie, Samuel and I started today off by going to the Doctor. It was Samuel's 4 month check. He is totally healthy and weighed in at 16.5 lbs. What a chunk! Gracie got a Dora sticker from the Dr. and that made her super happy! I could say that she was DELIGHTED!

I figured that since we were already almost there and I just had 2 kiddos with me, we may as well make a trip to DI. I am always on the lookout for clothing for Benjamin and Gracie and we were in luck today! I bought 3 pairs of shorts for Benjamin and 2 for Gracie. I also found 3 shirts and a pair of PJ's for Gracie.

After DI, Gracie and I went and picked up the boys and we all headed up to First Dam to feed the Ducks. The kids had so much fun throwing bread (and fries) into the water and watching the ducks dive for it.

There was also a ton of seagulls there. The seagulls kept stealing the food that the kids were throwing in for the ducks, so it became a challenge to see who could throw the food and have a duck eat it.

Before I knew it (I was feeding Samuel in the shade of the trees), all three kids had their shoes off and they were all in the water. We had to change all three of them before we left because they were drenched. Good thing I bought some clothes at DI!

After we feeding the ducks for awhile, we went to the grocery store to buy some danishes and drinks to take to daddy's work. The kids were so excited to see daddy and they always love to take treats to "daddy's work friends."

The kids were not too sure about the danishes so they got a donut instead. They all tried one later and loved them!
On the way home from daddy's Boldoffice, we stopped at The Dollar Store. Each kid got one dollar to spend on whatever they chose. They were so excited! You would have thought I had given them a million dollars each!

Benjamin chose some silly string. He loved spraying it all over in the backyard and was not even disappointed when it was all gone in 3 seconds!
Alex chose to buy a squirt gun. He loves it! Benjamin and Gracie are not as excited about it as he is!

Gracie chose a Diego jump rope. She still carries it around with her. If only she knew how to use it!

We had so much fun today but I think we will take a break for a few days because the mommy is tired and just needs a few days to sit at home and do nothing! HA! HA!

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