Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ABC's of Summer-letter A!

I decided that it would be really fun to do the ABC's of Summer with my kids. We are going to do several activities that all start with the same letter on the same day. We started on June 18th with the letter A. We went to the AIR FORCE MUSEUM and to the ARCADE and to the most AWESOME park!

Eating school lunch with his APPLE and his APPLE JUICE.

My niece, Kelsey, and Gracie in the museum. They had a pretty cool display with pilots from all the many years of AVIATION. They were all dressed so differently from the beginning til now.

Walker and Benjamin standing with some of the pilots. (I did not take this picture...sorry it is so blurry!)

Just had to get a picture of the super AWESOME missles.

Here are some of the kids in front of one of the old AIRPLANES.

Wendover Willie

This a picture of the whole group in front of the F-4D.

Gracie, ALEX, Daisy (our neighbor) and Benjamin in front of Wendover Willie.

Benjamin and his friend, Walker.

Benjamin, ALEX, Maddy (my niece),and Walker with all the cool knives. There were machettes, bolos, and bayonetes. They were super old and super cool.

Benjamin really wanted to salute in this picture.

All the kids outside in front of some of the AIRPLANES.

After the AEROSPACE museum, we took the kids to Krispie Kreme to watch them make donuts...they were not making any when we got there so we just bought each of the kids a donut. The lady was really nice and she gave each of the kids a "donut hat" and the kids thought it was really funny to put one on Samuel.

Gracie and Benjamin like to ride the AIRPLANE ride at Trafalga.

After the ARCADE games at Trafalga (I forgot to get any pictures of the kids playing any games), we went with my sister, Gayla, to the most AWESOME park ever. It had this super tall climbing pyramid. ALEX was in heaven! In fact, in the first picture, he is the one at the very top (the one in the black shorts and white shirt.) He climbed the thing many times and keeps talking about going back.

Gracie loves going down the slide...AGAIN and AGAIN!

ALEX loves to climb. He climbed on this rock wall for about a half an hour. It was so long that I forgot where he was and started to panic. I looked everywhere for him, including the rock wall and I couldn't find him. I was starting to get really worried when I looked again at the rock wall and there he was at the very top. He just kept trying and resituating and climbing again. He did AWESOME!!

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