Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Taun!
We started the day by taking balloons and pie to Taun at work. Benjamin was so excited that it was daddy's birthday. He helped serve pie to everyone at Taun's office and we "made" the office staff sing Happy Birthday with us. (Taun was a good sport about it and didn't go hide in a hole.) Benjamin insisted on having hot dogs for dinner and Taun didn't mind so we had hot dogs for his birthday dinner.

He got a new shirt from me, wire cutters and a book from Benjamin, vice grips and candy (nandy) from Alex, and Nutella and candy from Gracie. The boys were so excited to wrap their presents for daddy and even more excited to help him open the presents.
We love DADDY!
Taun is such a great daddy and an amazing husband. He is so supportive and helpful. The boys love him and won't leave him alone from the minute he walks in the door til bedtime. He never complains when I ask him to do things for me. He tries to do his best in everything.
Benjamin's favorite thing about his daddy is that "he is so fun and he will play with me."
Alex's favorite thing about his daddy is that "he reads choo choo stories to me." (I had to guess what Alex would have said in response to this question.)

Look at how happy they are.

Nothing better than piggy back rides from Daddy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

hAlLoWeEn (Way Late!)

We had a great Halloween this year with ...
a PIRATE (arg, mateys!)

a NINJA (hi yah!)

Benjamin wanted to be a pirate again this year (fine by me) and Alex actually ended up being a dinosaur.



My sister Pam and I had our sweet babies on the exact same day. Here are the stats:

Caleb Davis Konopka
*October 12, 2009
*12:41 p.m.
*7 lbs. 8 oz.
*18 inches

Gracie Lucile Beddes

*October 12, 2009
*7:43 p.m.
*6 lbs. 9 oz.
*19 1/2 inches

Pam called me at 1:30(ish) to give me the exciting news and then at 2:30 I received a call from my doctor to let me know that the labor and delivery department was waiting for me to come and deliver my baby. (I was pre-eclamptic)

We took the boys to Meggin's (Taun's sister) and headed to the hospital. Before I knew it the doctor was in telling me that my platelets had dropped and they needed to brake my water and get going on the delivery. She checked the baby and realized that she was breech and suggested that we try to turn her. The doctor pushed on my belly with such force that I thought I would die and to no avail. She tried and tried until she felt she could no more and the baby was still breech. It was time to start prepping for a C-section. The anesthesia numbed me from the chest down and I felt nothing but pressure. (Thank goodness for modern medicine!)

We are all so glad to have these beautiful babies here and part of our family. It is neat that they get to share a birthday. (Benjamin and Kade-Pam's oldest-also share a birthday 2 years apart.)