Thursday, April 17, 2008

Are You Ticklish!

A is so ticklish just like his brother and daddy. He always laughs and squirms like this when it is a really good tickle. What a cutie!

He also loves his older brother and quite frequently laughs with him.

Just when things were looking up...

Things were looking good and going as planned for our move. We both have jobs in the new county and we finally (after looking at 35) found the right house. I was starting to get really excited. I was decorating the house in my mind (the couch will go here and the table there...) then comes the inspection report...The house has MOLD in the subflooring! yes MOLD (the really disgusting, green, fuzzy stuff sometimes found growing on food that has been left too long (WAY TOO LONG!) We just signed the paper work today to cancel our contract for the house and now we are walking away! That is actually the best $300 we have spent in our whole married life! The problem is...we have no place to call home after the 25th. We are moving out of our wonderful home on April 25th. It will be a very sad day because I love my house and my neighborhood (quiet) and my ward and friends. We are doing what is best for our family though so I know that things will work out and the Lord will take care of us just as he always has. My only question is, When? We are going to take some time off and go visit family and then hopefully find something to rent for awhile and take a break from the insanity. Then this summer we will venture out again and search for the perfect home for our family. Sorry for the novel here but I just had to get it out and this is the best way for me to do it right now. T is not home because he is so busy with work and school and teaching, so I turn to you, the blogging world to cry about my situation and yet try to remember how good I have it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


This is my younger sister's little boy. He was born on B's 2nd birthday. He sure is cute!

These are some of the cutest boys. My sister's little one and my own little one. They are about three months apart. They are just starting to play a little with each other. How fun!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

He's Unstoppable

A is now crawling! Enough said!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New words to a Familiar song(s)

B loves to sing so I got him on video one day and it is so cute! (If I do say so myself!...And I do!)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A hunting we will go!

We have sold our house and so we are hunting for a new one. We went and looked at 12 on Saturday (very long day.) We are so fortunate to have such great grandparents for our kids because we were able to leave B with T's parents. They are so wonderful to help out when we are in a crunch. I was about to give up when we decided to go look at one more that was for sale by owner. I fell in love with the house and the yard and everything about it, except the price! We discussed it on the way home and decided that if we could just get them to lower the price a bit we would make an offer. They will not budge! They are firm in their we went hunting again. Another 6 homes later and we finally made an offer on the house across the street from the for sale by owner one. It is the same floor plan with just a few changes...I love it and they are willing to negotiate. We are waiting now to hear from our agent. I hope they accept the offer as is and we can just quit hunting.

As mush as I do not want to move, things are starting to fall into place which makes me believe that our move is best for our family. T has been working in Northern Utah for almost 6 months and going to school up there for almost 3 years. (Lots of money each month is spent on fuel for his car and maintenance.) We will be moving on April 25th and hopefully we can move directly into our new house. I have accepted a job at a school up there. It happened so fast and we feel really blessed.