Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My boys

We went to Target to get the boys pictures taken and I am really
pleased with how they turned out so I thought I would share
them with you. Alexander really had a hard time staying still
so we didn't get many but I like the ones we did get.
Benjamin was posing as we were trying to get Alex to do what we
wanted him to do and he forgot to's still way cute!

He is getting to be such a big boy!

I love, Love, LOVE this one!

This captures him all in one picture. He is just like this all the time.

Always all smiles and on the go!

I HATE Shots!

What could possibly be wrong?
Does this give you any clues?

Whatever it is...Big brother makes it all better!
I took Alex to the doctor for his 1 year "well baby" checkup and
this is what they did to him. They pricked his finger, he got 4
shots (Hep A, MMR, Chicken Pox, and Pneumococcal conjugate),
and we found out that he had double ear infections. So much for a
"well-baby" checkup. We also found out that he weighs 21 lbs. 14 oz. (30%),
he is 29 1/2 in. tall (40 %) and his head circumfrerance is 18 (30%).
Other than all of this he is doing great. The doctor said that he
looked good and healthy.
I had quite an experience while waiting for the doctor...
bear with me as I share it with you. This young family walked in and as I watched them I knew that this was not just a routine visit to the doctor. The father was very uptight and he was holding the baby (maybe 2 years of age). He was very short with the other children (two girls approx. 4 yrs. and 6 yrs.) he would not allow them to touch the little boy. At one point he snapped at the youngest girl when she loving stroked the boy. The boy was fine one minute and then the next he was screaming. The father appologized to the girl and said to his wife "I am just so scared, I have no idea what is wrong and I don't want it to be seizures." I asked them if he had fallen (Benjamin's issues with falling). They said that he had had a fever but that it was gone and he just falls over mid step. I suggested that they take my appointment because afterall I was just there for a routine checkup (HA HA). They kindly declined and then the boy wigged out again. He stopped breathing and was shaking. We frantically knocked on the door to the doctors office and they came and took him right back. I asked the doctor later about the boy and he told me that he would be fine (giving no extra details). I do hope the boy will be fine and that they can figure out what was going on. I know how scary it is to see your child like this and I feel for the mother (and father). Every moment in life is precious, do not take it for granted. Thank Heavenly Father for every breath.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Long Time No Post

We have been trying to get settled into our new place. We are living
in a duplex that is a great size (3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms)
but we do not want to live here forever. T is
trying to finish his Masters Thesis and then we will continue looking
for a house. We have tried to balance work with fun and I think
we have done a good job of it.

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we got together with my family and we took
pictures of the 18 grandchildren. This is the first picture of the
mall togeter and it will be out of date in September. I have two
sisiters in law that will be having babies in the fall.

L to R: (Top Row) Cooper, Mikaela, Madison, Meg, Aubrie

(Middle Row) Roxy, Hannah, Halli

(Bottom Row) Taylor with Camilla, Jaxon with Kade, Cougar, B,

Kelsey with A, Connor with Emma

We also took pictures of the 5 in 05. There were 5 babies born
in my family in 2005 between May and December.
(they have been named the "5 in 05")

L to R: B (Sept. 1), Hannah (Sept. 28), Halli (Dec. 28),
Roxy (Aug. 15), Cougar (May 31)

Here are the 4 babies born in 07
L to R: A (June 14), Emma (June 15),

Kade (Sept. 1), and Camilla (Nov. 20)

Family Night

We went with T's sister's family to Second Dam in Logan
Canyon. We had a really fun family night.

Roasting Mashmallows...YUM!

The Chef: Jason

A having the time of his life.

B with cousins Nikell, Mialee, and Sierra
They spent the evening throwing rocks into the water.

We went to the park and had a blast. (Somehow I have
no pictures of B. I think they were all videos.)

T thinks he can still sit in the child swings.

A is happiest when he is outside.
National Free Fishing Day 2008

JeriDawn invited us to go to National Free Fishing Day with
her and her girls. We had a blast even though it was freezing.
I love living close to family that knows when all the fun
activities are. Thanks JeriDawn!

B standing next to the Fish.

B with cousin Mialee. They were fishing together
and they caught a big, green MOSS!
They loved it!
B holding the wooden ducks

A and B sitting on the ATV.

B "learning" how to tie flies. (Sierra is really the one
doing all the work but B is having fun!)