Thursday, June 14, 2012

Craft Camp - Butterflies!

Last week we learned all about caterpillars so I thought it was only appropriate to learn about butterflies this week. The kids were able to paint their own pot whichever color they wanted.

It is very important to wear your apron when you are painting so as not to get paint on your clothes! (It might also be good to just wear clothing that would be okay to get paint on it so that if you happen to make a mess, it won't matter!)

After we painted the pots, we played several games so that the pots could dry. The first thing we did was play with pattern blocks. We had a butterfly, a caterpillar, and a dragonfly. The kids had a blast with these blocks. We got all our patterns from here:

After plenty of time with the pattern blocks, we read our story. This week's book was "From Caterpillar to Butterfly" by Deborah Heiligman. It is a cute little book about a classroom of children that has a caterpillar in a jar. They watch the caterpillar day by day as it changes into a butterfly.

Then we went outside to pretend that we were butterflies. We started out as eggs...

and then we hatched and became caterpillars crawling all over the grass and eating all the green!

We couldn't stop there! We HAD to know exactly what it feels like to hang upside down just like when the caterpillar is getting ready to make its chrysalis. (This just might have been the most favorite part of the whole day!!)

Then we practiced using our wings to "fly" all over the backyard.

We had pretzels for snack (because they look like butterflies!) Then we finished up our butterflies by gluing a black Styrofoam ball to the top with google eyes and pipe cleaner antenna. We also included some pipe cleaner arms (or legs), some rhinestone jewels to the bottom, and don't forget the sparkly foam wings!

Didn't they turn out so cute and colorful!

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Anonymous said...

Reason number 497 that we love Miss Shannon! :) Caleb can't wait to come next week. On the way out the door to swim lessons this morning he said, "But mom! I have to go to summer school!" :)