Monday, February 15, 2010

Picasso (a.k.a. Alex)

Alex has decided that he is an artist. He has colored on the walls, himself, and paper. The other day he decided to try a new medium...the hot fireplace. The crayons just melted and now our fireplace is very colorful.

He colored on his face with blue marker.

He also tried making art out of melted plastic. He put a measuring spoon in the broiler and then shut it. I never use the broiler so when I turned the oven on to make cookies I was very surprised when I started to smell melted plastic coming from the oven. It took me awhile to find where the smell was coming from.

Alex has also been sick recently and he was having a hard time breathing so we pulled out the nebulizer and gave him some treatments. He did pretty good with them and even had to give some to his teddy bear.

He is a crazy kid but we love him.

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Tiffany said...

Oh...the good ole "fishy-face" as it's known around our house. That has to be torture for little kids.