Thursday, February 4, 2010

Operation Crock Pot

A few days back my cousin blogged about how she was sick of doing dishes and so she was going to have a whole week of crock pot meals. How brilliant is she!! I decided that even though I use my crock pot often I would love to try this out and see if it really does eliminate the amount of dishes. I also love crock pots because you can be all ready for dinner by lunch time and then you can focus on other things during that before dinnertime melt down (typical behavior from 4 yr. and 2 yr. olds.) So starting next Monday I will "cook" in my crock pot for one whole week.
My menu is as follows:
Monday--Colorful Chicken and Rice
Tuesday--Taco Soup
Wednesday--BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
Friday--Super Easy Creamy Chicken
Saturday--Beef Stew
Join me in the quest...then blog your wonderful recipes so that we can all enjoy yummy crock pot dinners.


Jason, Kodi and Jake said...

yeah! I am so glad! I thought it really cut down on the dishes. I like that you put up all different recipes than I did so that I can have MORE RECIPES!

Cristy said...

Shannon, this is a great idea! I don't use my crock pot very often, and this has inspired me get it out a bit more. Thanks!

Barney and Shelby said...

Want even easier cleanup? Try crock pot liners. I got them for less than $2 at Walmart. Dishes done in a few seconds! Good luck with crock pot week :)

Amber said...

Thanks for all of the great recipes. Hurray for crockpots!