Friday, July 20, 2012

ABC's of Summer-letter H!

We went to Hyrum Dam to play in the H2O.

We rented a few tubes for a couple hours and the kids love it.

They also let us borrow a few life jackets. I think the water was a little cold at first, but then got warmer. It took Gracie a little longer to get used to it than it did the others.

Maddy was such a great helper in the water.

She absolutely loved her new life jacket. Thanks Hilary!

Two of the tubes we rented were like little rafts. They had a net that went across the bottom so Gracie just sat in it while Maddy pulled her all over.

Alex loved just walking and swimming in the water with his life jacket. He didn't play with the tubes as much as the others did.

We invited our neighbors to go with us and I think they all had fun.

Kelsey was a great helper on the beach. It was perfect to just set up the shade canopy and there was just enough shade for a few camp chairs and the stroller. Perfect!

We played in the sand with our Hands.

Hilary brought her raft and rowed it around for awhile with a few of the kids in it.

Alex and Daisy played pretty well together.

Even Samuel got in on some of the fun.

We prepared a little video for the grandmas. She really doesn't give pretend kisses. She gives raspberries instead.

Trying to dry off in the tube before I let them get into the van.

Gracie was sitting on the edge of the tube with Benjamin and when he stood up she fell in, upside down! Silly girl!!

Samuel with his Hats

Gracie and her new Hat

Alex loves this type of Hat because it is just like the kind that Grandpa Beddes wears.

Benjamin was just a little grumpy because he was not ready to leave the water.

We got to hang out with our cousins, Kelsey and Maddy Hunt.

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