Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ABC's of Summer-letter E!

Today was letter E so that we can do letter F on the 4th of July.

We made envelopes and sent letters to our cousin Elder Hunt.

Each of the kids got to choose which envelope they wanted to make and what color it would be. Benjamin chose green and Alex chose blue. Both of the boys cut and glued their own envelope too.

Gracie chose pink (of course!)
Each of the kids made a picture to send to Taylor (Elder Hunt.)

We mailed them to him today and we really hope he enjoys them.

After we made the pictures and the envelopes for Elder Hunt we emailed our grandmas and grandpas. Both sets of grandparents have sent an email back to each of the 3 kids. They LOVED getting their own emails!

Some of the other things we were going to do today (mom was way too tired!) were: make an elephant puppet, examine our eyes and ears and talk about what they do, ride an elevator or escalator, and eat scrambled eggs! I really wish I would have had enough energy to make empanadas for dinner too!

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