Thursday, July 5, 2012

ABC's of Summer-letter F!

This post is a little overloaded with pictures but we had so much fun! I tried to plan it so that our letter F day would fall on the Fourth of July! We went the night before and bought some fireworks. The kids really enjoyed being able to sit in our front yard and have daddy light the fireworks.

We had a bucket of water very close by, just in case! Utah has been on fire lately and we did not want to take the chance of being the cause of a major fire in Hyrum.
Benjamin and Gracie sitting in their chairs enjoying the show!

Alex loved watching the fireworks also!

Samuel even got to join in on the fun!

We got some pretty cool ones...
and some not so cool.

We didn't go totally cheap, but we didn't buy real expensive ones either. The kids had a great time with what we had!

On the 4th of July, we were able to go to the parade in Hyrum, less than a block from our house. The kids were so excited that Olivia , Sophie, and Meggin were able to join us. We don't see them often enough!

Alex, Gracie, Olivia, Benjamin, and Sophie
(Olivia is 3 months older than Benjamin and Sophie is 6 months older than Gracie.)

The boys were super excited to wear their new flag shirts and they got new flip flops too!
My friend made Gracie's dress and I knew she would love it and she did! Super cute, right?!
Samuel enjoyed most of the parade from the shade of the stroller. He did really good until one of the trucks came by and honked really loud and then he was done!

My boys LOVE the firetrucks...even when they are spraying water!

After the parade, we drove to Clearfield for the fireworks (some of the best I have seen.) We went quite early so that we could get a good spot and so that we could play with family. We (my sister and her husband) found the perfect spot. It was in a great area with plenty of room for the kids to run and play and we had a great view of the fireworks too.

Meg, Aubrie, Kade, Mikaela, Gracie, Maddy (standing), Cooper, Connor, Cougar, Benjamin, and Kelsey

Mike, Caleb, Phoenix, Mark, Cougar (again), Pam, Kristi, and Everest

Back row: Matt, Carrie, Todd
Middle row: Hannah, Roxy, Que, Cougar (again!)
Front row: Gayla and Darvell

Matt, Josie, Carrie, Tiffany, Todd
Hannah, Roxy, Que, Cougar (what?) Phoenix
Gayla and Darvell

Matt, Carrie, Josie, Cougar (silly kid!), Roxy, Tiffany, Todd
Que and Hannah

It was super cool to run into JeriDawn and the McKellars there. They sit in the same spot every year and now we might just have to join them.



Hannah and Roxy

More Sparklers

Mialee, Meg and Amber
(Amber (Taun's brother's daughter) and Meg (my brother's daughter) know each other from school)

Que with a sparkler...this could be bad!


Benjamin and Hannah



Caleb was a little nervous.

More sparklers?


Camilla touched the wrong end of the sparkler. Luckily it had stopped burning but it was still super hot. Poor girl burned her finger and thumb. Sad!

Alex had been begging all day to do the sparklers but when it was time to do them we realized that we had forgot to bring matches or a lighter so Taun walked down to the gas station to buy some. Alex insisted on going with him. After they had been gone for a while, my brother said that he had 2-3 lighters in his truck so without thinking, we started the sparklers. We had just finished them when Taun (and Alex) returned. You can imagine what happened next! Poor kid! Lucky for me, JeriDawn found us some. (Thank You Jason's sister!!)

This is one very HAPPY kid! He was thrilled and he got to use up the whole box all by himself (6 sparklers.)

Kisti in her super stylin' glasses! They were actually glowing and flashing.

Everest and Samuel

Apperently Everest would like to take some of Samuel's chub.


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