Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Benjamin Graduates Preschool!!

Benjamin has been to his fair share of preschool and now he FINALLY gets to go to Kindergarten. This kid is so smart and is already reading. He loves learning and is so ready for kindergarten. He did his kindergarten testing and the teacher said he passed with flying colors! He will get to ride the school bus with some of his friends from preschool and he will go to school in the morning...which is better for him since he is an early bird. The bus stop is 2 houses down and then the bus driver will drop him off right in front of our house every day after school. I just hope he will be a good boy in school and listen to his teacher better than he listens to me.:) I wish I had some pictures of graduation but when you are the teacher it is hard to be the photographer also. Way to go Benjamin! We are so proud of you!!

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