Monday, May 30, 2011

Zoo Safari Fieldtrip

For preschool, we went on a fieldtrip to the Willow Park Zoo. We rode the bus to the transit center and then rode another bus to the zoo. We played at the park for awhile before eating lunch and then going on a "safari" through the zoo. The kids had a blast and I know mine were exhausted when we finally rode 2 more buses and then walked home. This was a fun fieldtrip and I plan on doing it again next year! I could not have done it without the parents that were able to go with us. Enjoy the many pictures that follow!

Here we are waiting for the bus. The kids are way excited, can you tell! For some of them this was the first time ever riding the bus.

Benjamin with some of the other kids from preschool. He was a big helper that day and was in charge of the biggest bag. Maybe it is because he knew what it contained...Treats!!

Alex on the bus with some of his friends. See the cheezer on his face...this kid loves adventure!

This little girl LOVES the swing!!

Alex with cousin, Nikell, on the swings. JeriDawn was very pregnant at the time but still had the energy to come with us on this adventure. (She has since given birth to a very beautiful baby girl--Congrats JeriDawn!)

Gracie's first time down the slide "all by herself" (thanks for helping her while I got a picture, Hilary!)

Benjamin with 2 of his best buddies from preschool. One will be going to the same school for kindergarten and one will not.

Benjamin just about kicked me after I pushed him on the swings. Look at the smile on his face! Little Stinker!!

We played at the park for a little while. We were waiting for our lunch to come (Taun brought pizza) The kids had a great time! Gracie loved being able to move freely about without having me bothering her.

Here we are, just getting started on our little Zoo Safari. Don't you love the safari hats the kids have. I bought them at the dollar store and then wrote the kids names on them with puffy paint. They were so thrilled to have them (even if they were too big and kept falling off!)

The peacock had just had its feathers fully extended. I barely missed getting a picture of it. Aren't they beautiful!

Benjamin is showing off his Safari Book. I made 14 of them so that each of my students and my niece could have their own book. They mark off the different animals in the book as they see them at the zoo.

Benjamin is getting ready to mark the next animal off in his book.

Here is a picture with 11 of the 13 students I taught last year (2010-2011) in preschool.

It looks like we have put some of the kids in a cage but really they are just feeding the ducks!

Some of the kids are feeding the fish/ducks.

Alex feeding the ducks!

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Jeri Dawn said...

Shannon, you have got to be one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met! You are always soo sweet to us. Nikell had a blast...thanks for thinking of us and including her. You are the best!