Thursday, June 30, 2011

Macey's Kid Karnival

We went to Macey's Kids Karnival last week and the kids had so much fun. They had free popcorn and cotton candy and the kids got to throw a ball at the target to try to dunk a Macey's employee in the dunk tank. They also had an inflatable slide that the boys went on several times. The last thing we did before coming home was face painting. I did not have my camera while we were there so the only pictures I have are of the kids faces (after we got home.)

The boys chose this cute little ladybug for Gracie and she just let the lady paint it on her face. She did not try to get out of the chair and she didn't even scream. I was way surprised and it turned out so cute!

Benjamin chose to have a robot. Alex chose a football, but before we got home he had it mostly rubbed off picture.

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Anonymous said...

My husband let Nash throw balls at the dunk tank at Nibley Heritage Days. He got a bullseye with the last ball!