Thursday, May 15, 2008

Willow Park Zoo!

This same sister-in-law invited us to go to the zoo on Saturday.
We decided we needed a break from all the stress so we went.
We saw several animals...

and we even saw the "Man in the Yellow Hat" from
Curious George. He was kind enough to let us take a
picture with him and he even let B hold George.

A enjoyed being outside.

T and B enjoyed it also.

Family Picture--May 10, 2008


Cristy said...

Cute family picture! Looks like a fun time at the zoo.

Bilary said...

I love the Man in the Yellow Hat. My kids would adore that! I love your family picture too! You are probably exhausted now after the busy month you have had. Make sure you take time to go out with your husband and just relax (I can babysit!)

Nancy said...

The zoo looks like it was a blast! I didn't know you were moving. . . good luck with the fun of unpacking.

Blackeyedsue said...

We need to get AWAY from our zoo. I love your family picture. You are so photogenic.

I miss you!

proudmomm said...

Hi I read through your blog but could find where you were moving and I lost your email address so if you still have mine I would love to catch up with you and see what is going on with you.
Mrs. Johnson