Thursday, May 15, 2008


Since we had no place to live we decided to take a little
vacation to see my parents on thier mission on the Navajo Reservation
in Arizona. It was a very long trip that, of course, got started late.
We left our house at 5 p.m. and arrived in Blanding at 1 a.m.
We still had 3 hours or so to go so we decided to stay in Blanding. We got
to my great aunts house and she had so kindly put a note on her
front door that said we were welcome to choose any of the three bedrooms downstairs. We each carried a sleeping child in the house and laid them on the floor and then crawled into the bed to sleep. We woke up to Jerry (my aunts husband) making us french toast for breakfast.
We had a nice visit with them and another great aunt and uncle
(Genevie and JR) before they had to get to church. We
jumped in the car and headed towards St. Michaels.
We got there and mom had dinner waiting. YUM!
We always have a good time when we visit and B
loves to see grandma and grandpa.
Grandma made a special pancake for B.
She used raisins for the eyes and nose and
a strawberry for the mouth.

Obviously he thought it was pretty cool!

On Monday, we went to the Zoo in Window Rock, AZ.

B at the entrance to the zoo in Window Rock.

My 3 boys in front of the hogan at the zoo.

On Tuesday, I went with mom to the Senior Citizen Center in
Ft. Defiance to help with the bimonthly craft she does with them.
(It is great PR for the church). When we got back we all piled into
the vehicles and headed for Gallup, NM. We took our car to Big O
so we could get 2 new tires. We went to Zuni Traders and bought a
Peace Pipe for T's office and a wooded Kachina Doll for Aunt Dutch.
We then headed to Golden Corral for lunch and then off to Walmart.
By the end of the day we were all pretty tired. We got up Wednesday
and got ready to leave. It is always so hard to leave. We took some
pictures on the way home.

B on the ride home (Thank goodness for the DVD Player!)

A on the ride home (Thank goodness for pretzels!)

This is A when he got sick of the pretzels
and being in the car.

Wilson's Arch on the way home.

I have always thought that this rock formation
looks like Aunt Jemima (the syrup lady)
T had no idea who I was talking about...
What do you think?
This is the first house my parents bought. They lived in it
for many years. I was born while they lived in this house.
(Blanding, UT)
This is the doctors office where I was born. There was
not time to make it to the hospital in Monticello, so
my dad decided to have the doctor deliver in his office.


The P*dunc's said...

All the talk about Blanding and Aunt Dutch's house makes me so homesick! Or deer hunt sick?? oh...the memories of playing Monopoly. I have always hated that game :)

Greg said...

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Thank you!!!

Matt & Carrie said...

Who doesn't know who Aunt Jemima is?!?!

Blackeyedsue said...

I don't know why, but this post made me tired.