Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Nightmare is Over!

Many of you know that each year that we lived in our
house (Apr. 05 - Apr. 08) we had major issues with
the sprinkling system. The kid who lived in the house
before us definately didn't know what he was doing. We
will no longer have these problems!! YEAH!!!

T had it all fixed and on the day we were moving, it
sprung a leak. He got the leak fixed and then there was
a short in one of the wires. Just when he fixed the wire,
he pressurized the system and it sprung another leak.
This was what we dealt with every year. Several times
it even got water in the crawl space. We made our honest
effort to fix the poor job done by another and hopefully
the family that lives there now will not have any problems.

1 comment:

Bilary said...

Sometimes it would just be easier to drag a hose around, ya know!?:)