Friday, September 10, 2010

Tabiona 2010

The kids and I went with my family to Tabiona for the annual Newell Reunion. We always have a blast up there and this year was no different. The kids were able to ride their bikes all over camp and go fishing. This year we even played in the river. It was freezing water but the kids sure enjoyed being in the water.

Gracie spent alot of the time either in the pack-n-play or in the exersaucer. She loved being able to be outside all day.

Grandpa enjoyed watching the kids play in the water.

Gracie and Grandma stayed as far away from the water as they could but close enough to see the kids playing.

Alex LOVED the was hard to keep him out of it.

Benjamin loved being in the freezing cold river long as he could stay on his feet!

We had a great time celebrating my niece Mikaela's Birthday while we were there. The kids all made a birthday crown and some of them were happier about it than others.

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