Thursday, September 9, 2010

Calling All SuperHeros!!

Benjamin turned 5 on Sept. 1. We had a Superhero Birthday Party for him a few weeks before and we had a blast! I made a cape for each of the kids (11 total) and when they arrived, they made a belt and a mask to complete their costume. They all looked so cute! (I wish I would have had batteries for my camera to take pictures of them all.) We had a Super Hero Academy where each kid learned how to be a super hero. They were able to "Vaporize a Villian" with silly string, cross over the "Lava Pit" without falling in, use their "Mighty Muscles" and lift a 200 lb. weight, "Leap Over Buildings In a Single Bound" (climb over the picnic table), demonstrate their "Magnificent Minds" by guessing how many pieces of candy in the jar, and retrieve the kryptonite from the "Bat Cave." They also learned how to fly! Each kid received a certificate announcing that they were now a part of the "Justice League". It was so much fun and I'm pretty sure that the kids had a great time.

Blogger was being weird so sorry about the sideways pictures.


Amber said...

Where do you get these ideas? SO cute! I'm sure the kids had a blast :)

katie b said...

so awesome!!! I'm totally doing this for Carter's b-day. Love it!