Thursday, December 24, 2009

We have been BUSY!

Just having fun one day with the camera. The kids were good sports and enjoyed laying on the floor for such a silly picture.

I was trying to get a few good shots of the princess. She is so cute!

Benjamin had a Christmas program at preschool and my camera only had enough battery power to get a few shots and no video.

Right about here is when Benjamin informed everyone that he needed to go potty and so they had an unexpected intermission.

He was pretending to be a reindeer in this shot.
We went to see the lights at Willard Bay. It was a lot of fun and the boys really enjoyed it so we went through twice.

We made some yummy, fun treats to take to the neighbors this year. The boys were so excited to help me with the reindeer.

We also m ade a train engine for everyone in Benjamin's preschool class. They loved them!

Gracie dressed up in one of Grandma's Christmas gifts. The hat and scarf came on a 2 liter of pop and were made to look like a snowman. They fit Gracie perfectly.

We had a great weekend with family when we blessed Gracie. She was beautiful in her white dress. She was so good all through the blessing and did not make a peep until after and then we had to leave because she was starving.

We also had my SIL take some family pictures after the blessing. By the looks of it, everyone needed a nap!
This one is a little better.

We went to Hardware Ranch and rode on the sleigh among the elk herd. It was cold but fun.
Benjamin with his cousins Cougar and Phoenix and his uncle Mark.
The family with the horses that took our sleigh out on the snow.


Picture Perfect said...

Can you believe you all of a sudden have 3 kiddos? Your family has grown so fast! Gracie is DARLING!!! I love all that hair!

Jeri Dawn said...

Cute! How are you guys doing? Is Gracie feeing better? Call me if you need help.

Amber said...

Wow! You guys have been busy. And your family is pretty cute, especially with the new addition. Gracie and Abbie will have to meet one day!