Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PhOtOgRaPhErS oR gOoFbAlLs??

Benjamin got ahold of my camera and took 25ish pictures just like the following. (I picked the best of the best to showcase his abilities.)

This is actually one of my favorites. It captures Alex at his best!

The Carpet (notice the green...I got sick of it in my other house and yet I bought another house with the exact same green carpet.)

A close up of the couch

The tile and Handy Manny on the TV

Some of his favorite toys (for the week) in his dumptruck.

Benjamin came up the stairs the other day looking like this. He was so proud of himself for getting the bag on like this.

I told him it looked like a swimsuit and he thought that was hilarious!

Alex came up with this little look the other day. He looked so dang cute that we have made him do it again and again.

He is truly a goofball!
Thank goodness kids are cute because mine sometimes make me want to sell them!!

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