Thursday, October 8, 2009

While we were gone...

Two weeks ago Taun and I went to Portland for a work conference he had. We were able to go for a whole week and while we were there we had a great time.

Taun designed this poster and had it printed for the conference. (It cost $120 to print) He then presented on his poster and another 30 minute power point. He did a great job and it will help him in his job.

When we got to the car rental place they said that they had reserved a 2010 Mustang for us to drive. Taun was all excited and I was not that thrilled.

We rented it anyway and it was fun for the first drive and then we both decided that it was not all it's cracked up to be.

It did feel like driving a race car and we felt pretty cool but we will never be spending our own money to buy one.

Taun skipped the last day of his conference so that we could go spend some time sight seeing together. We went to The Japaneese Botanical Gardens in Portland and to The Grotto.

This statue was at the JBG right after the entrance. It was pretty amazing!

The JBG was breathtaking with all of the beauty.

They have raked the sand around the rocks to make it look like ripples in the water.

At one point we were able to look out over the city of Portland. It was a very overcast day so it is hard to see but in real life it was beautiful!

Again, they have raked the sand to make it look like this... I would hate that job.

This is at The Grotto. It was beautiful as well.

While we were gone my parents watched this little munchkin and...
this little munchkin. We are so grateful to my parents for offering to watch them and spend some time at our house so that Benjamin did not miss a day of school. While we were gone my parents did some projects around our house.

My mom made cutrains for the boys room and for the new babies room. She also painted in the babies room and made some basket covers, carseat cover, nursing coverup, and carseat blanket. (Pictures to come) My dad replaced the brick in the back of the house, fixed the fence gate, and filled in some holes in the garden.

We moved Alexander's bed into Benjamin's room and put his new bedspread on it. (When Benjamin started sleeping in a "big boy bed" I had my mom make him a bedspread and then I found the same fabric and had her make one for Alex.)

We had to move the dresser into the closet so that both beds would fit. (I figured that they are not big enough to need the full length of the closet.) The boys love being in the same room and it is so much easier to put them to bed.

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Mindy said...

Hey Shannon! I just wanted to say thanks again for letting me stay with you guys, that was so nice of you and it was fun talking with you and meeting your cute family. The bedrooms look great by the way, your parents are awesome!I'm glad you had a good trip in Portland. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!