Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome Home Gracie!

(Before reading this post please realize that it was written by a very tired mommy.)
We finally got to bring Gracie home on Thursday October 22. She spent 10 long days in the NICU. She was on a CPAP for 2 days and had an IV for 5 days. She also had a feeding tube for 8 days. I drove to the hospital 3 times a day to nurse her and then they fed her a bottle the other feeding times. Taun had to go back to work so the only way it was possible for me to spend some time with her was because my mom came and stayed with us for a week. She watched the boys, did laundry, cleaned the house, made meals, did laundry, took Benjamin to preschool, did laundry, and provided emotional support.

Gracie in her hospital bed.

Every day I went in to see her she was all dolled up with an adorable outfit and a bow in her hair. The nurses loved bathing her and dressing her in the latest fashion. They really took great care of her there.

This is the day they took the feeding tube out. It left a red mark on her face for a few days but she is tube free!

She has some chub on her cheeks and chin but that is it. Her legs and arms are just skin and bones but she is getting better at eating, so it shouldn't be long before they fill out too.

My mom says that the pictures make her look bigger than she really is. She is really very tiny.

Here she is all ready for her first car ride ever. They had to do a car seat trial the night before so she was buckled in her carseat for an hour and a half to see how she would do. They do this with all babies in the NICU before they get to go home. She did great!

Big Brother Benjamin adores Gracie. He is always asking if he can hold her or check on her when she is sleeping. He sang her a lullaby when he was holding her, it went like this "Gracie, Gracie you're such cute. Gracie you're such cute!" It was SO CUTE. He can't get enough of her.

Alex loves to give her kisses. He insists on having his turn to hold her every time Benjamin is holding her.

here are the proud brothers. This is the first time they have seen her because no children are allowed in the hospital anymore. They waited the 10 long days to see her. I think Benjamin told me 100 times that I was crazy because we did not have a baby like I told him we did.

My three beautiful children.

Grandma Davis and Little Miss Gracie.
Thank you all for your support, thoughts and prayers in her behalf. She pulled through this trial great and she is lucky to have such wonderful people in her life who have not met her yet but have a great love for her anyway. We are grateful to have this little princess join our family.


Picture Perfect said...

Isn't she sooo darling?!!! Oh my heck! I'm so glad you have her home now, what fun to have that little princess! Get some sleep Shannon!:)

Bilary said...

She is so beautiful! I love her hair! She seriously looks like a baby doll. You're going to have way too much fun dressing her up.:) I can't believe how much your boys have grown. They are so handsome! What a darling family you have!