Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Little Update

We have finally closed on our new (built in 1963) house! It took a long time and alot of patience on our part...the guy kept wanting more time. We closed on Sept. 17 and were told that we could take possesion on the following Monday (22nd) On Saturday we drove by just to see if they were moving and noticed that the front door was open. Well, the house was not technically ours and we did not know if they were in there or coming back or what so we left it as is. Monday morning I drove past on my way to work and the door was STILL OPEN. I shut it and then called my agent to ask if they were out and what the story was. She called back and said that we could move in and the 2nd key to the house was on the counter in the kitchen. After school, the boys and I went to check things out.

When I opened the front door to MY HOUSE a CAT came running out! I entered with caution...the cat had been in the house all day without a litter box. To my dismay I found that the house was TRASHED and still full of JUNK! I took some pictures for documentation and then called my agent. I told her how upset I was and she said that she would call the listing agent and tell him to tell his clients that we were going to hire a professional cleaning company at THEIR EXPENSE!
To make a long story short, the woman (who had been gone for several weeks...divorce) came to "clean" the house. Her version of clean is not like my version of clean. She took 2 truck loads of stuff out of the house and filled both the garbage can and the recycle can. We have a lot of work to do!
This is what the garage looked like

Stuff left in the house

Nasty Bathroom Floor

Nasty Bedroom Floor

Food still in the fridge and freezer!

Nasty Toilet!

More stuff left in the house

Big hole in the closet!

Taun repaired the hole!

Taun scraping the border off! This took several days to get it all!

More wall paper border...what a pain!

Wall Paper mess!

Benjamin helped me paint "yellow room" a.k.a Grandma's Room or the Guest Room
We have spent every night at the house since then working our tail ends off (especially Taun) fixing up the place so that it is not inhabitable. We bought paint and paint supplies, sheetrock and supplies, a wall paper steamer, food from McDonalds, more paint supplies, more putty and knives, etc...

My brother, Todd and his family came up on Saturday to help for several hours. We were able to get most of the wall paper border off (thanks Tiffany) and the ceilings in the bedrooms painted and mopboards put up and the one bedroom primed (thanks Todd) The kids enjoyed playing with cousins and stayed out of the way (thanks Cooper, Meg and Roxy) Cooper (6 years old) helped with some of the sanding and Meg (5 years old), Roxy (3) and Benjamin (3) helped pick up the wallpaper shreads that Tiff and I managed to scrape off. It was quite a day and we could not have done as much without Todd and Tiff. Thank You! Thank YOU! THANK YOU!

We still have a lot of work to do but it will be great when we are finished. I will for sure post the after shots so you can see the house.


Cristy said...

I feel your pain.

Aaron said...

That was me (Aaron), not Cristy that left that last comment. I forgot that I was logged in to her account.

Cami said...

For safety sake, I changed my blog name to Come find me still!

katie b said...

I know how you feel! we had 4-5 truck loads of dump stuff, wallpaper in every room, nasty, moly fungus growing floor and wall, etc. it took a while but it's worth it. keep up the good work, we'll have to come up and see it!

Blackeyedsue said...

Ewwww! Seriously, that is how they clean? Ewww.

Picture Perfect said...

Oh my heck!? What a nightmare, that's the last thing you needed! Do you ever get a break?

Cristy said...

This is really Cristy this time. :-)

Wow, it looks like a lot of work. I know you will have it looking great in no time! I am glad for you that so many people were willing to help out. I can't wait to see the after pictures!

Carrie said...

OK - now I feel guilty that we couldn't help! I hope that the next time we come up, we can see your house!

Breanne said...

I wish that people were more considerate when they are leaving a house! I can't believe that they just left stuff that way! At least you were able to get going on the painting and stuff. Can't wait to see the finished product :)
BTW: I made that casserole (the one that exploded) and my family LOVED IT!! Thanks for the new recipe!

Bilary said...

Holy cow, I am so sorry. What a pain! I wish you were closer so I could come and help you every afternoon! It will look so nice when you are done. I can't wait to see the "after" pictures!

Rosemarie said...

Oh my goodness. I know you don't know me, but I check your blog every once in a while.

When we moved to our first house, the woman who lived there left the house a mess, too. I took all the shelves out of the fridge and sat in it to clean it out. I found a big sweater button stuck on the wall inside - with tomato sauce.

I'd be embarrassed!

Katie said...

Wow! That is a ton of work! I bet it will look great once everything is clean! Too bad you're the one who has to do it!