Sunday, October 19, 2008

Image Tagged!

This tag is kind of fun, but time consuming. Type the answer to the questions below in Google/Yahoo Image and post an image from the first page of pictures. PS--remember to load your pictures from the bottom up!
My Age: 30!

Where I live: Utah

Places I Want to Travel: Chile and Hawaii

Favorite Food: Chicken Tikka (The Bombay House)

Where I Grew Up: Pleasant Grove

(this is a picture of the "G" on the mountain)

(this is Main Street P.G.)

Favorite Color: Yellow
(I also love yellow roses!)

Favorite Animal: Monkeys

Something I used to Love: Sunkist

First Name: Shannon

(Shannon, Ireland)
Middle Name: I don't have one so I used my Maiden Name (Davis)

Last Name: Beddes (this just happens to be a picture of my children and it was on the first page when I googled "Beddes")

Whew--that one was NOT for the faint of heart.
I tag Gayla, Carrie, Tiffany, Kristi, Hilary, Stephanie, and Amy.


Cristy said...

I learned some fun things about you! I had no idea monkeys are your favorite animal and that Chicken Tikka is your favorite food!

Lindsay said...

I did that tag too. I Liked it alot!