Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's GREAT to be a MOM!

Today I stopped everything and took my kids to the park! We had so much fun. B had a blast playing on the slide and in the sand and on the bridge and with the tractors and the list goes on. It felt great to drop everything else in my life and take him to the park. I promised him a trip to the playground and then after work I was so tired I just wanted to go home so I drove there and he said, "Mommy, we not go home." I asked him where else we were supposed to go and he said, "To the park!" When I asked him what park he responded, "number 4!" I have no idea what park is number 4 but apparently the park we went to was good enough. He loved it! (and so did I!)

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Heidi said...

Sometimes it is so hard to make that choice. After I do something like that I wonder why I hesitate. So glad you did. I'm loving this nice weather!