Saturday, November 17, 2007

Our first blog

It is so much fun reading all of the other blogs out there, so we decided to post one of our own. Here is a little information just to update you all on what is happening in our house.

T, (the daddy), just accepted a job in Cache county as the Extension Agent. This means only one thing for now...we have to move to Cache county. We are not in any big hurry so we are taking our time on selling our house. T should finish his Masters Degree in a few months and then we can get back to a normal life (ha ha)

S, (the mommy), is still teaching first grade. I have a great class this year so it makes my job more enjoyable.

B, (Bubba as his mother calls him), is growing and learning every day. He is now just over two years old and he definitely keeps us on our toes. He is always talking and constantly wants to help. Just this morning he was "helping" with the laundry and got a hold of the Spray n' Wash. Before I knew he had sprayed it all over his bed and pillows
and of course he was drenched in it himself. (Bath #1) Not much later, he wanted to help make birthday pancakes for daddy and again before we knew it, there was pancake mix all over the kitchen and himself. (Bath #2) We had just managed to get him all cleaned up when somehow he got some really stinky brown substance (you can only imagine what it was) all over his legs. (Bath #3) Within seconds of finishing bath #3, it was lotion all over. This all happened within one hour. We love him and are grateful for all he brings into our home (even if at times it is very frustrating.) Some of his favorite phrases are: "Oh, man!", "Noooooooooo!", "baby sleeping", and "help mama." He can already count to ten without help from anyone and he loves singing songs at bedtime. His favorite is Baby Beluga. He loves his baby brother and is very protective of him.

A, (pumpkin, chubbers, chunky monkey, again names given by his mother), is a joy. He is always such a happy baby. He
spends his time cooing, smiling and even laughing. His favorite person to laugh at is B but he will give a smile to anyone who pays attention to him. He loves to be outside and so we are trying to take advantage of the last semi warm days left this year.

That is a little about us and we hope to keep this page updated. Let us know what you think.


Matthew said...

Taun hey!!!! the family picture looks like you are squinting so much you look like a PIRATE. Shannon should of put it in the second blog with the Halloween pictures. OK enough making fun and congrats on the new job, that's cool.

Blackeyedsue said...

Wahoo!!! I am so glad you have joined the blogging world!!! YAY!!! Your kids are DARLING!!! I absolutely love their eyes. I am cracking up over Benjamin's antics. I bet you climbed into bed exhausted that night.


Jeri Dawn said...

How cute is this! You are ambitious to add a blog to your list of things to do! By the way, it's not that you "have" to move to Cache Valley, it's that you "get" to. I am looking forward to introducing you to true happiness and great fun in living in the best place on earth! Congrats Taun, I hope it all works out for the best. You deserve all things good in your lives!

Shanee said...

What fun I had tonight reading about your family and seeing the pictures. How is the real estate market in Utah. Nothing is selling here, so I wish you luck. Can't wait to see you all again. Hopefully soon.