Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First Snow Day!

It snowed a little bit yesterday so we took advantage of it and made a snowman, snow angel, and took a ride in a make shift sled. This is the first time he is old enough to play in the snow and so we got him all bundled up and went outside.

There really wasn't that much snow so our snow girl was built on part of the barbeque grill. She is only about 9 inches tall and B requested a girl snowman so she has a flower in her hair.

I just had to show him how to make a snow angel, he did not enjoy that too much.

B really enjoyed it and most of all he enjoyed eating the snow.
We sure had fun!

B had major hat hair when we went inside.


Blackeyedsue said...

Okay, the hair is cracking me up! I love the makeshift sled and the snowwoman! Girl power!!!

Breanne said...

That is awesome! So far no real snow down here yet. Thank heavens! I like to look at the snow, but when I have to drive in it, it makes me hate living here! lol