Sunday, August 5, 2012

ABC's of Summer-letters R, S, & T

This morning (Sunday) when Taun woke up, he said to me, "I really need to go see my grandpa." Pretty random but OK. As we were discussing all the details of this trip, we decided that today would be the best day for us to go. Neither one of us was teaching and we had no other plans for the day so we got ready and made a roadtrip to Twin Falls to see Grandpa Zollinger.

Taun had a great visit with Grandpa Zollinger and I think Grandpa was pretty thrilled with our visit. The kids and I spent alot of the time outside or downstairs so that Taun could just talk with Grandpa.
(I love how Grandpa and Samuel are looking at each other in this picture. Grandma died in November and it is almost like Samuel is telling Grandpa that she is just fine and she is finally not in pain.)

Pretty crazy bunch here!
After we left Grandpa's house we traveled about 3 miles to see Shoshone Falls. The kids LOVED it!

Some nice young couple saw that we were taking turns getting pictures with the kids and they offered to take a few pictures for us.

Samuel was playing with his feet and so it made him rock in his carseat. He was very happy though.

Gracie in front of the falls.

These Falls are stunning!

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