Thursday, April 7, 2011

What the...

One night Taun was coming home from teaching a class in Morgan and when he got to Cache Valley it was snowing pretty bad and it was hard to see. He turned off the highway to go to Hyrum and suddenly there was a tree in the road. He had no time to stop (he tried) and he ran into the tree. It shattered the windshield and broke the wiper. He examined the work jeep and decided that there was not any damage to the vehicle besides the windshield so he went home and called the police. They said they had someone on it so he didn't worry about it anymore. About 1/2 hour later, I was coming home from Utah County and when I turned off the highway I was met by several police cars and 2 big trucks. One cop came to tell me what was going on and I informed him that it was my husband who had hit the tree. He asked me where he was now and I told him that he had gone home. The cop followed me home so that he could get a report for Taun to turn into work so that we would not have to fix the windshield ourselves. The windshield is now fixed and we are very grateful that it was not any worse and that Taun was not injured.

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