Saturday, February 19, 2011

This little girl has been busy! She got her first real haircut just after Christmas. She had some pretty crazy hair but now it is all even and looks better. She finally made it to 22 lbs. and is now getting some molars. She has 8 teeth and 2-3 molars trying to make their way through. She has finally started to take steps without something to hold onto but is still real nervous about it. She is a daddy's girl all the way and wants nothing to do with me when he is around. She hollars at people when they do something she does not like and we feel like we are always in trouble because she follows us around the house screaming at us.

One day at gr. & gr. Beddes's house, Gracie was climbing on the foot stool and then awhile later gr. Beddes had his feet on it. You should have heard how she got after him. It was really funny.

We love this girl and we know that she is going to give us a run for the money!

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