Monday, September 14, 2009


The following pictures are not in any order. They are just a glimpse into what has been keeping us so busy for the last couple weeks. Please look at the next post for pictures of Benjamin's 4th Birthday.

We went up Logan Canyon with Taun's sister just for a hotdog roast and s'mores. YUM!

Aiddie JoMichael McKellar...1 1/2 months old. She is so cute!
Benjamin was really enjoying his s'mores. I could not get him to sit still and that is why the picture is so blurry. The van in the back is our new van. I LOVE IT!

I went to the Jon Schmidt concert at Thanksgiving Point with a friend who has been in Virginia for 3 months and is moving to California in a month. It was so much fun and it was great to hang out with Amber.

My dad gave the boys several rides on the 4 wheeler. Every time we go down that is the first thing Benjamin asks for.

Grandpas are the Best!

Benjamin made a card for his preschool teacher. He insisted on making it a circus theme because that is what his preschool is decorated like. (Puddle Jumpers Preschool)

The inside of the card. (No laughing at my artistic abilities!)

Benjamin wrote his name on the back. Needless to say we didn't practice much during the summer...all the letters are there though.

Benjamin's 1st day of preschool under the Big Top at Puddle Jumpers Preschool.

trying to show off his new backpack.

Here he is at his desk. This is just before he told me to leave. He said he was really nervous and he wanted me to stay with him for awhile and then when we got there he was totally fine and told me to leave. He LOVES preschool!

Benjamin and Ms. Kris (his preschool teacher)

Benjamin has ben learning how to pump on the swing if he could only get started all by himself.

Alex decided to go down the slide upside down and by the look on his face you can tell he loved it.

There is nothing like chocolate pudding to make one happy!

We finished our patio in the spring and this is a before shot. It was a complete mess!

Here are the stairs.

This is what all the hardwork looks like. It is awesome! Thanks to my parents for helping with the wall and to Taun's dad for replacing the roof. We now have a great patio that keeps me out of the sun while the boys are outside playing.

Taun took the boys on a walk to the grocery store and apparently he bought licorice for the ride home. Have you seen anyone happier than that?!

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Jeri Dawn said...

I am amazed that you can be pregnant, and sick, and still do so much! You are amazing. And you are too good to us! Mialee had sooo much fun in the canyon. She wants to go again...NOW. We need to have the boys come play. Need a break?