Monday, August 3, 2009

My boys were invited to a friend's birthday on Saturday so we went to the park and the zoo with them. When we first got to the party, all the kids were decorating their binoculars. (Two styrofoam cups glued together with the bottoms cut out.)

They had a snack afterward. Elephant shaped sandwiches, teddy grahams, bananas, and apple juice.

Then it was time for CHOCOLATE cupcakes and as usual, Alex enjoyed his very much.

Then they played on the playground before we went on a "safari" at the zoo. Benjamin is swinging with his "best pal" Quinn.

This is the bag they had for all the kids. Inside it was a Safari Book, a pencil, a baggie of M&M's, and a baggie with dimes and quarters (for duck food.) This mom thought of EVERYTHING!

After the party we took Taun's sisters kids to our house to play for a few hours. (JeriDawn just had a baby last Monday and her kids were driving her crazy.)

The kids had a great time eating lunch and playing in the water together. We loved having Sierra, Mialee, and Nikell over for a while.

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Jeri Dawn said...

Hmmm, "driving her crazy" is a nice way of saying "meltdown for mom." You guys were life-savers. Sorry for the drama! Love ya tons!