Sunday, July 19, 2009


Benjamin is so funny sometimes. I wanted to write down some of the funny things he has said lately so enjoy!

1- While talking to his cousin PoJo: "Hey PoJo, or should I call you Root beer Head."

2- My mom and I were talking in the car and Benjamin and I had the following conversation:

Benjamin: "Mom, are you frustrated?"

Me: "no, why?"

B: "I want you to be."

M: "Do you know what happens to mommies when they are frustrated?"

B: "no"

M: "They yell, scream, and cry a lot"

B: "oh, nevermind then"

3- Getting ready to run a race: "I'll be a rotten egg after you!"

4- While going to the bathroom: "It's okay to say bum in the bathroom but not in the living room. I can talk about the bathroom pee in here too but in the living room I can only talk about the letter p."

5- "Mom, it's only okay to call things 'stupid and dumb' not people."


Jeri Dawn said...

Ha ha ha. He really is a little Taun. It's kind of fun to tease him just to see what will come out of his mouth!

Cristy said...

So cute, Shannon! I thought that #1 sounded like something his dad would say. #4 really made me laugh - I can't believe how much he has analyzed his potty talk!