Friday, June 12, 2009


Grandpa Davis took the kids fishing and we all had a blast. We only caught 2 fish but the fishermen were the 2 kids who really needed to catch a fish. Pam cast Cougar's line and within seconds he was reeling in a nice size fish. Then just as we were getting packed up to go, Pam cast another line and within seconds a fish was on the line so she handed it to Benjamin. He was so excited until it moved and then he wanted nothing to do with it.
Grandma Davis helping Alex fish.
Benjamin fishing.

Alex kissing the fish that Cougar caught.

The 2 Great Fishermen. Benjamin and Cougar with Mark.


Tandi Davis said...

Wow! Alex is such a boy; kissing the fish!!?? Yuck! j/k Looks like they had a great time.

Picture Perfect said...

Ohhh Alex is so cute! Sounds like a good time!