Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

On Saturday the 20th we went to Grandma Beddes' house for a Christmas party. We had so much fun! She had put a lot of time and effort into planning some games for the adults and the kids. We had good food and lots of presents. She's great...she puts all the gifts for each child in one Big HUGE bag and lets the kids have at it all at the same time. The kids always get clothes, toys and books from her (and grandpa) and they love it! This year Grandpa Beddes spent lots of time on his gift to the kids...he MADE blocks for the boys! He made them all with his hands and a few tools. The boys were so excited and I cried because that is what you call a gift from the heart!
We also opened presents from the gift exchange and Benjamin could hardly wait to tear into this big one with his name on it. JeriDawn got him a big Thomas the Tank Engine Tent. He absolutely loves it!

On Christmas Eve, we drove to my grandparents house and had the annual Steele Family Nativity. Benjamin got to be Joseph and he did a great job (no speaking parts are involved!) Alexander was a sheep and he would not let go of me so he is not in any pictures.

Just after the nativity and talent show, we had a special visitor. Benjamin was the first one up there to sit on his lap and he did not cry one bit.

Alexander did okay too!

Christmas morning was at grandma's and Santa found us there! We were really blessed this year and got some great stuff from the big guy. Benjamin got some big trucks for the sandbox we plan on having in the spring (hopefully!) He also got some much needed clothes and of coarse some candy in his stocking. Alexander got some cars and a train. We all got the traditional box of cereal and an orange in the toe of our stocking. Taun got me a gift certificate to the spa. That was a huge surprise!

The boys got matching Thomas jammies on Christmas Eve.

We were able to stay at my parents house for a few days around Christmas (Thank You Taun!) The kids had fun playing in the snow with cousins and riding in the sled pulled by the 4 wheeler. On Friday the 26th the kids all wanted to go to the church parking lot to have a bigger space for the sled so my sister and her husband took them. They had just gotten all ready to take off and somehow Benjamin fell out of the sled and it was pulled right over the top of him. My sister and her super-human strength pulled the sled off of him and rushed him back to grandma's house. He was screaming "I want a bandaid! I want a bandaid!" We put him in the car and took him to the instacare and after waiting for an hour the doctor informed us that he would be okay and no stitches were needed. He did so good letting the doctor look at his eye. He has a black eye now and lots of scrapes and bruises but he is fine. How lucky we were!


Kristi said...

ouch. his eye looks so much worse than the day it happened! brave little guy.

Amy Rosquist said...

Looks like you guys had a great holiday. Sledding injuries are the worst!

Picture Perfect said...

Oh my heck! It seems every time I get on to see your blog there's an injury of somesort! Yikes! I hope he's ok, poor thing.