Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Were You Doing...?

1. I was 10 and in the 5th grade. (Mrs. Crosby was one of my favorite teachers.)
2. I was playing lots of barbies and 'house' with Rebecca.
3. I was sporting a great 80's hair do.

1. I was working at a bank.
2. I was going to school part-time.
3. I was living in Orem.

1. I was still working at the same bank.
2. I was a recently returned missionary.
3. I was going to school full time in Elementary Education.

1. I had just had Benjamin.
2. I was teaching Kindergarten.
3. I was living in my first home.

1. I had just had Alexander.
2. I was teaching 1st grade.
3. I was patiently waiting for Taun to finish school.

1. We sold our home and moved closer to Taun's new job.
2. I am teaching All Day Kindergarten.
3. I am "patiently" waiting for Taun to finish school.

1. I cried. (I am sick...every year during the first few weeks of school I get sick.)
2. I screamed out of frustration. (I am trying to adjust to working with a new school district.)
3..I remembered how blessed I am. (Benjamin is so sweet, every time I cry he tells me, "It's okay, mommy." Taun made me take a nap at 6:30 p.m. and he ordered pizza so I would not have to cook.)

1. I worked with 21 little darlings who love to learn.
2. I laughed. (I was going potty and Benjamin thought it was necessary to remind me to "tuck my peepee." He is being potty trained with the help of the babysitter and that is something she reminds him to do so that he does not pee all over the floor.)
3. I got hugs and kisses from my beautiful little boys.

1. I will go to work and celebrate that it is FRIDAY!
2. I will probably take the kids to the park. (Very few days left for is starting to cool down.)
3. I enjoy time with my family.

1. Hopefully, Taun will be finished with school! (He will be...The thesis is being reviewed by his committee and then it goes to publication...Keep your fingers crossed that all goes as planned.)
2. Hopefully we can go on a nice vacation.
3. Maybe baby #3 will be on its way. (No promises or announcements are being made here!)


Blackeyedsue said...

I loved that! I hope that all your next year "wishes" come true!

Congrats on the thesis Taun!

I miss you!!!

Lindsay said...

I loved to hear what you have been up to!!

Picture Perfect said...

It's nice to hear your normal! Dont' despair, Jared took 10 years to get his BA and we rented and had 3 kids! Very frustrating but the end will come and then the beginning to new frustrations! It never really ends! That's why you have wonderful friends like us to vent to! We miss you!

Nancy said...

That was a good read, Shannon. I hope things get all settled with your new class and stuff!