Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Most Wonderful Parents Ever!

On February 7, 1969 these two wonderful people married in the Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What an amazing event in my family's history. This is the beginning of a beautiful story which I will now tell you in a very short form. 13 months after this glorious day, on March 26, 1970 they had a beautiful baby girl. She is now the mother of 4 kids. On December 22, 1971 a handsome baby boy was born and he is now the father of 5. April 28, 1974, another handsome baby boy came into the world and he is now the father of 4 children. On September 28, 1976, yet another handsome baby boy was born and he is now the father of a beautiful little girl. Then on January 26, 1978 the pattern changed and they were blessed with another girl (that's me). She is the mother of 2 boys. Another girl came on April 15, 1980. She is now the mother a cute little boy. The last of seven children was born on May 2, 1982. He is father to a little boy and is awaiting the arrival of another child in October. 7 children and 18 (almost 19) grandchildren later they are as happy as can be. They are faithfully serving a mission and loving it.


The P*dunc's said...

I think they are wonderful too! year will be their 40th anniv. Where does the time go?

Bilary said...

It is so fun to watch your family grow with each marriage and baby born. It is amazing to see and so fun to have more family around to love! They must be awesome parents to have such an amazing daughter!!!