Monday, January 21, 2008


I really hate moving mostly for the fact that you have to pack. We were packing away some things one night and B was sure having a good time. He got in every box before we packed it I'm sure to inspect it for size. This one pictured above was a little too small. He sure is a good kid most of the time. Sometimes I really think we were wrong on his name. Instead of B we should have named him Picasso. You will know what I mean when you see the next picture.

He never colored on the walls before we were trying to move but now it is almost an everyday event. We have taken all the writing utensils away and put them up high or even gone to extremes by hiding them. He has a nose for them and can sniff them out somewhere. His favorite thing lately is the sharpie marker. Luckily all he has colored on with those is a few moving boxes. Thank goodness for "Magic Erasers." They really do work! (Do not get it on your skin though because it burns)

This is what A does while we are trying to pack boxes and store them under the house in the crawl space. We thought we would never have enough to fill it and now it is 3/4 full. All the clutter has to go somewhere and so until I can emotionally handle letting go of it, I will put it in a box and stuff it under the house. That is my right!

We have been trying to fix up things around the house and so other things have been easily neglected. Some examples are: Laundry, laundry, laundry, oh and did I mention LAUNDRY!

This picture was taken the day after I spent 3 hours folding laundry. It was 12:00 midnight when I decided it was time to quit. Hopefully I will be able to finish it sometime in the near century. Part of the problem was that we switched to a new detergent two months ago and B broke out with a rash all over so I rewashed all of his clothes with the detergent that we have always used. It took three loads to wash all of his clothes and hours to refold and rehang it all. He still has the rash so we will see if it goes away soon. Hopefully it does so the poor kid does not scratch himself to death!


Bilary said...

Please don't go! I am begging you! What are we going to do without you? But if you really must leave us, what do you need help with?

The P*dunc's said...

I love the laundry picture, because my couch looks exactly the same way right now!